Framed in a comfortable rustic picture, Raffaella de Cristofaro welcomes and lodges guests who love the countryside and quietness.

Enjoy Raffaella’s specialities and wines in front of the fireplace in the lovely frescoed dining room

Rest quietly in the upper softly painted bed rooms, furnished in country antiques.

Particularly pleasing are also wine tastes in front of the fireplace or in the garden, while enjoying the scenery of Monferrato.

Upstairs, the rooms bright and comfortable, furnished with antique furniture and pastel colors, remind pleasant and quiet rests.

In your leisure stroll, you can read, talk and drink wine or take a bike ride, a picnic or a drive to explore churches, palaces, castles and the other secrets of Monferrato.


  • 5 double bedrooms with bathroom;
  • dining room and reading room;
  • courtyard with gazebo and a small garden;


  • B&B;
  • wine tasting and wine sales;
  • half board;
  • dogs are Welcome
  • free wi-fi


  • 20th December – 31st January;
  • August